Designing Spaces: Writable Surfaces

We have incorporated some writable surfaces in our new space. It will be interesting to see how young children use them to communicate their ideas.

As Doorley & Witthoft suggest, “Install dry erase surfaces all over the place to create opportunities for capturing serendipitous sketches and outbreaking brainstorms.”

The cafe style tables we have ordered come with writable surfaces. As well, a talented carpenter within our school division came up with the idea of retrofitting an old movable Smart Board with pieces of dry-erase board he scrounged. We are hoping to use this as a tool for recording ideas. Because it is on wheels, it can be used anywhere in the school. It can also help define and separate work areas. There are a couple of other old Smart Boards kicking around. We will test this writable surface prototype and then decide if we would like more.


If we want to try other writable surfaces, we may consider painting some work tables in the learning commons using dry erase paint.

Doorley, S. & Witthoft, S. (2012). Make space: How to set the stage for creative collaboration. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.


About sandralbecker

An educator who is passionate about the creation of a school Learning Commons, which supports inquiry, critical thinking, and collaboration.
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One Response to Designing Spaces: Writable Surfaces

  1. ephansen says:

    Great ideas, Sandra! Would love to hear how the table and SMART board retrofits work! Will you take photos of stuff you want to keep for later? Will you leave pens around? Let us know how it goes.

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