Where you lead . . . I will follow . . .

At Elizabeth Rummel School we’ve been envisioning a learning commons for quite some time. Check out this video we made in 2011.

Recently, we received a CIP (Community Initiatives Program) grant, time, and the go-ahead to make it happen. We are trying to make this a process of inquiry and learning, by staying open to possibilities.  Though we have a vision, we are not focused on a final product or endpoint. Once we finish the current work, we know our question will be, what next?

We’ve been using some references to help us with the physical design of the space. They are:

Doorley, S. & Witthoft, S. (2012). Make space: How to set the stage for Creative Collaboration. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Groves, K. & Knight, W. (2010). I wish I worked there: A look inside the most creative spaces in business. West Sussex, UK: John Wiley & Sons.

In reading the Groves and Knight book, I found that many of the work areas featured in the book have flexible spaces  . . .

  • that bring in light and natural elements
  • for quiet reflection
  • for small group collaboration
  • for recording and sharing of ideas
  • for making, tinkering, and play

We’re trying to keep those ideas in mind when planning the space. In the spirit of collaboration, our wish is to open our minds to possibilities. We invite the world to lead or follow, or both.


About sandralbecker

An educator who is passionate about the creation of a school Learning Commons, which supports inquiry, critical thinking, and collaboration.
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2 Responses to Where you lead . . . I will follow . . .

  1. Another question will be, “How do we make those spaces come alive?” We are going to have to take risks and take our teaching practices to new levels.

    Thank you for encouraging me to reflect on “What IS next?”. Collaboration is a key step – working together and pushing our practices to the next level…and beyond! We are so happy to be working with you again!

  2. Great question Deb. I can’t wait to start collaborating and learning with a great staff!

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